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28"x28" Print Upgrade and 28"x28" Framing

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Please use this listing if you would like custom professional framing for your Alicia Bock photograph (photograph must be purchased through a separate listing.)

Your frame choice should be the same size as the photograph you order.

Please see below for the total size your piece will be when framed, and measure your space before ordering.

*White wood frame (see additional listings for alternative frame colors.)
*Custom made to order.
*UV-shielding plexiglass.
*White archival mat board
*Arrives ready to hang.
*Free U.S. Shipping on all sizes.

Please note frames are not available for shipping outside the United States.

Square photographs 5"x5" through 16"x16" will receive 2" of matting.
20"x20" through 30"x30" photographs will receive 3" of matting.
Rectangular photographs: 5"x7.5" through 16"x24" will receive 2" of matting.
18"x27" through 30"x45" photographs will receive 3" of matting.

TOTAL FRAMING DIMENSIONS (with matting and frame)
5"x5" with 2" mat= about 10"x10"
8"x8" with 2" mat = about 13"x13"
10"x10" with 2" mat = about 15"x15"
12"x12" with 2" mat =about 17"x17"
16"x16" with 2" mat= about 21"x21"
20"x20" with 3" mat= about 27"x27"
28"x28" with 3" mat = about 35"x35"
30"x30" with 3" mat= about 37"x37"

5"x7.5" with 2" mat= 10.25"x12.75"
8"x12" with 2" mat = about 13"x17"
11"x16.5" with 2" mat = about 16"x21.75"
16"x24" with 2" mat =about 21"x29"
18"x27" with 3" mat= about 25"x34"
20"x30" with 3" mat= about 27"x37"
24"x36" with 3" mat = about 31"x43"
30"x45" with 3" mat= about 37"x52"

If you would like your piece framed without a mat, please let me know the size and I will add it for you.
Need a custom size photograph and frame? Let's talk!